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Freedom from Accounts, Credit Checks and Invoices
because you Prepay as you go.

For just $5 a month, you get all this with freenet:

  • $5 of Super Cheap Toll Calling - anytime of the day
    • 5c per minute to NZ landlines
    • 30c per minute to NZ mobiles
    • 8c per minute to Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Chinac and more
    • 45c per min to Fiji and Western Samoa, 59c per min to Tonga

  • FREE Dial-up Internet - stay online as long as you like.

Line Rental also available for $65 per month including FREE Local Calling and Wiring & Maintenance insurance. No credit checks, bonds or deposits required because you prepay. If you don't currently have a phone line, a new line connection will cost $50.

How does it work?

You manage your own account online. You can view your account balance, make payments and even add services all on this website.

You top up your freenet balance online by credit card/debit card or by purchasing a top-up voucher at any participating dairy or convenience store nationwide.

Line Rental for only $15 per week. Everyone accepted, with no credit checks, bonds or deposits.

Cheap Local Calling
NZ landlines 5c per min
NZ mobiles 30c per min

Cheap Pacific Rates
Fiji/W Samoa 45c per min
Tonga 59c per min
Cook Islands 95c per min
Vanuatu 75c per min

Get your Internet and email for FREE!

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